Portfolio of 2014 and 2015 work


I use my work in printmaking and painting to navigate through the space of memory. I analyze how these memories are retained, sift through what is true between what is invented, and interpret whether or not it is necessary to differentiate the two. My work conveys a sense of searching- a sense that all is not quite right. Within the two dimensional plane, I layer both physically and psychologically objects such as ships and Ferris wheels that link me to a certain past. I choose them because of a reference to travel, an indirect nostalgia to a time I have not experienced and a rhythmic order they represent.

Printmaking allows me to use multiple impressions of the same image to create a variety of environments in which they can exist. By making some elements pronounced while others recede I can control how viewers interact with my world. Using the translucent nature of sheer fabric and lightweight Japanese chine colle paper I obscure elements within the image, push the space deeper and give the feeling of un-focused vision common in recalling a memory. My aim is to enhance the dimensionality of the deep and hidden space of memory.

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